Time is a good healer


I feel exhausted, shattered, upset… Putting on a face so no one knows how you feel. Wanting to say how you feel but you don’t want to be a burden, losing concentration in my work.

I feel lost, as though i have no one even if I am surrounded by close family and friends.

I need peace, clarity and to live in serenity.

Making baby steps to make a life for myself and just moving away from my past, it’s hard saying bye. Mum saying I should be a big girl and not cry, if only she knew.

Trusting people was always difficult, so I don’t trust no one, it’s true what people say “even your shadow disappears in the dark”.

I can’t live to the standard of my family, I can’t am a black sheep amongst the herd. I keep chanting to myself “in time things will be better” but it doesn’t. I have become so pessimistic- I don’t like this person I have become.


One thought on “Time is a good healer

  1. unknown

    Well if saying goodbye is so difficult, you shouldn’t say it. I know this from experience, I said goodbye to the person I loved, and it took a toll on my work and my body, I don’t know if this is the same situation but you shouldn’t give up on trying because in the long run they will help you with so much, like the black sheep, I know you probably never felt this way before, until recent, because that person made you feel so special, that you knew it as you were unique not outcast. You should think about this past you had, and try to think of why it was special to you. Not all things are good to give up on, trust me, it may get tough, but it is just a test from god, to see if you can handle the situation, giving up will fail that test, prove to god that you can get through it without giving up. 🙂 anyway nice post, peace x

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