Time is a good healer


I feel exhausted, shattered, upset… Putting on a face so no one knows how you feel. Wanting to say how you feel but you don’t want to be a burden, losing concentration in my work.

I feel lost, as though i have no one even if I am surrounded by close family and friends.

I need peace, clarity and to live in serenity.

Making baby steps to make a life for myself and just moving away from my past, it’s hard saying bye. Mum saying I should be a big girl and not cry, if only she knew.

Trusting people was always difficult, so I don’t trust no one, it’s true what people say “even your shadow disappears in the dark”.

I can’t live to the standard of my family, I can’t am a black sheep amongst the herd. I keep chanting to myself “in time things will be better” but it doesn’t. I have become so pessimistic- I don’t like this person I have become.


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