A bottle of commotion


I haven’t blogged in a while, and I quite miss it, promise to update regularly now.

At uni I decided to work under lens base I chose it because I quite enjoyed it last time and I found it easier to self reflect on myself as a person.

I called this image a whirlpool of commotion, I felt this name was appropriate because the past few weeks I was being surround by drama and it affected me as a person and my confidence hit an all time low… I was contained in my own surrounding unable to cope with the pressures of being a student, friend, sister, aunt and daughter. People expect me to excel and I try to but something knocks me down or gets too much and I feel like quitting. When I reach this point I confide in my own pillow, and start to become full of anger and bitterness I result in becoming intoxicated by all the drama.

I don’t understand the concept of self pity but I feel like when I talk to someone in confidence it empowers me.

20140122-011552 am.jpg