Yummy break in London


Yesterday I decided to take a trip to London, I wanted to escape from Coventry but I didn’t want to go Birmingham, it was lovely.
The goal I set my self was to go check out the barbican exhibition hall for some inspiration for my art work but I was more inspired by the journey. I ended up taking 10 tubes because my useful partner thought he was sat nav but his battery was clearly low and we got lost. It was delightful having company, I usually go to galleries on my own because I haven’t met anyone as enthusiastic as me or shared similar interest. I was so lost in London I found places that were more beautiful and peaceful amongst the rush hour. I never took notice of the stalls till yesterday or appreciated all the lights in London. It was great walking amongst a crown and having no one recognise me.
However, I did enjoy a lovely hot chocolate and croissant, oh the taste, it was beautiful. Crispy yet a soft pastry and chocolate so rich that I can still taste it, with the addition of the whipped cream with chocolate, fabulous.

20140124-012753 am.jpg