Light at the end of the tunnel!!


I was in the art building working late night thinking I could catch up on my work, but I have seem to hit a mental block, I don’t know how I can carry on my project in a way that would be interesting to the viewers. I had ideas of creating an installation, printing on to glass, creating images that form optical illusions but trying to carry out such ambitious ideas seems to be a struggle. I fear the only person that’s stopping me from doing we’ll is me, myself. It sounds strange but I feel like I have lost interest in my work, I get easily distracted by my personal problems so much it has become a hinderance.

I regret starting my contextual log book soo late, it’s time I learn from my mistakes now and be more better prepared for the next year.

To work towards my goal I have to be more organised in terms of my work as we’ll as thoughts. I can’t let things get to me so easily.

There is light at the end of the tunnel I just have to travel far to reach it.
The image I used is from my own photography, I started to become fascinated by natural lights and the aura it can create, when I stayed at my mums house i burned scented candles as it created a delicious aroma. I want to expand this idea more in my current project at uni.

20140222-104751 pm.jpg


Shots of Light


Shots of Light

I wanted to experiment with different natural lighting, this time i did not want to edit the original image, i wanted to learn how to create an effective and strong image by manipulating light and darkness. i wanted the lights and dark to work aside cohesively to create an interesting image.

A bottle of commotion


I haven’t blogged in a while, and I quite miss it, promise to update regularly now.

At uni I decided to work under lens base I chose it because I quite enjoyed it last time and I found it easier to self reflect on myself as a person.

I called this image a whirlpool of commotion, I felt this name was appropriate because the past few weeks I was being surround by drama and it affected me as a person and my confidence hit an all time low… I was contained in my own surrounding unable to cope with the pressures of being a student, friend, sister, aunt and daughter. People expect me to excel and I try to but something knocks me down or gets too much and I feel like quitting. When I reach this point I confide in my own pillow, and start to become full of anger and bitterness I result in becoming intoxicated by all the drama.

I don’t understand the concept of self pity but I feel like when I talk to someone in confidence it empowers me.

20140122-011552 am.jpg

London escape!!


20131206-073436 pm.jpg

When I was at London, to visit a few galleries I never quite appreciated my surrounding but now I look at the architecture of some of the buildings in Central London and am astounded at how beautiful it all looks.

Every now and then a city escape is good for ones soul, being away from a known place and going into the unknown can be quite adventurous, however I must say I do hate using the London Underground.